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IT Concierge
One-stop shop for all your IT matters

Role - Design Lead


A Concierge service

-    Users' current touchpoints are: IT coordinator, Service desk 

-    The employees of Rolls-Royce Power Systems across the world today are confronted with

      many different channels and multiple touchpoints to address their various IT matters.

-    Channel of communication: Phone call and email

-   The IT concierge is a single point of contact for RRPS employees for all their IT matters.

-    Different Improvisation and experiments were tried out to get the best results in the pandemic time



How we understood what they want...

-    World wide research - Asia, EMEAR, America

-    3 research team working at 3 (2 researchers each) different time zones 

-    A slightly broadened user interview guideline to accommodate the diversity of these regions.

-    All the user interviews were conducted on Skype considering the pandemic situation.

-    A total of 29 interviews were conducted covering 4 different user groups.



Churning raw data into meaningful insights

-    The entire synthesis was done remotely.

-    Synthesis workshops were conducted within the team using Invision Freehand and breakout groups via Teams.

-    Synthesis progressed to give shape to two personas. We named them "The Resolver Ally" and

      "The Dependent Milan".






"Curiosity is always rewarding"

Job Title - 

Sales Service Manager

General environment​

I have an engineering background and I am responsible for after-sales service, spare parts and workshop. I lead a team of 13 employees and take care of all their IT needs. During this Covid -19 situation, I work only one day from the office and the rest four days from home.

Personal goals

    -    Seamless service operation

    -    Make sure my team is well motivated

    -    Achieve sales target


    -     Self-learning 

    -    Troubleshooting and finding the solution            gives me joy


    -    Lengthy process

    -    No transparency in the communication, for e.g., who is responsible for what. 

    -    I am not empowered to solve the issues that i face.

    -    Dependencies on the individuals (IT coordinators) sometimes results in human errors.

    -    With the current IT landscape, I find it difficult to perform simple tasks like installing software, ordering                a laptop or a mouse etc.




"I only want to focus on my work. Rest are not my headache"

Job Title - 

Finance & Controlling

General environment​

I work with numbers. Every figure and minutes count for me.

I generate reports and analyse data for the management. I work with the Sales, Service and Quality department supporting them in measuring their KPIs.

Personal goals

    -    Provide best and fast support to my                  colleagues in other departments.

    -    Accurate analysis of data to make the                right decision


    -    Formulas to solution

    -    Good infrastructure 


    -    Long waiting time on Service desk hotline before I can reach an agent.

    -    I need to call the service desk quite often, because I do not know much about IT Tools and devices. And the              tickets need too much time until it gets resolved. Once I needed 30 Minutes to inform that the Sales DB                  Software wouldn't work. 

    -    Sometimes tickets get closed without any feedback or solution, hence I had to create a new one via the                   service desk again which again took a lot more time.

    -    I find it difficult to install softwares with the current IT landscape.

    -    I don't understand the technical explanations.


User wishes and Pain points

    -    Users want the communication with IT team to be fast, well documented and transparent 24 x 7.

    -    Users are confused about which channel to contact the IT team, hence wish for a dedicated channel.

    -    Users prefer to use a self service system to raise ticket by themselves, for IT needs and smaller issues.

    -    Users prefer to use emails (to document their request) and calls(for urgent matters)

    -    Unable to reach service desk at peak hours due to different time zone, long waiting time.

    -    Slow resolution time and no transparency on the progress of the ticket.

    -    Dependency on the people rather than the system.

    -    Inconsistent and varied services across regions.

Synthesis output.png

RRPS  IT support - today

Key Insights
Project Brief


Our focus in this project

To create a responsive web application for the employees in Rolls-Royce Power System to tackle all their IT needs and requirements, hence providing an end to end concierge-like experience within the limitation of the current backend systems.


Ideas and their prioritisation 

-    Ideation was done virtually.  This was the phase that got the most impact of remote working.

-    Ideation workshops were conducted within the team as well as with the stakeholders to bring diverse ideas

-    Ideas were categorised and converted into User stories along with acceptance criteria 

-    These features were further scrutinised on the basis of business viability, user desirability as well as technical feasibility and were categorised into three levels of priority.

-    The highest priority features were considered for the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


IT Concierge Conceptualisation



"Well planned is half done"

-    Once the initial ideas were conceptualised, information architecture was drafted. 

-    Sliced the overall MVP scope to smaller sections that could be accommodated into each sprint for 2 designers. -    The product owner and key stakeholders were onboarded to our Sprint plan, thereby framing the first MVP. 

Sprint Copy 6.png

Design Sprint Plan

We designed this heavily customised one-week design sprint plan to meet the project requirements and timeline. With such a sprint we were able to achieve,

    -    Easy and effective collaboration with teams across regions for maximum output.

    -    User validations across the continent provided quicker end user feedbacks.

    -    Multiple review sessions at various stages from product owners as well as co-designers.

    -    Fast and iterative detailing.

    -    Design readiness by the end of the week for every sprint.

It took us only a total of 6 sprints to finish, the user validated and refined wireframes for the first MVP.

Sprint Planning


User stories to Task flows & User flows

-    The prioritised user stories where further details including all the corner cases.

-    Task flows and user flows were detailed. 

Userflow and taskflow -Tickets.jpg


Time for some real hands-on work

-    The wireframes were created in Sketch and prototyped in Invision.

-    The wireframes were vetted by PO and other fellow designers, their feedbacks were collected, evaluated and incorporated before presenting it to the end-user for user validation.


Home screen

Search interaction

Software installation request

Create a ticket

Ticket history

Hover on the UI to view the interaction


Let's listen to what they felt!

-    "Follow the sun approach" for user validation across the continents.

-    Early in the morning, the prototypes were tested in Singapore, China and India, followed by Germany, France          and Turkey during the daytime and finally Mankato in the late evening.

-    All the validation notes were directly documented as comments in Invision.

-    As an experiment, we also tried offline validation sessions which turned out to be a huge success.

-    We were able to achieve a good balance between online and offline user validations

-    All the feedbacks were further categorised, prioritised and incorporated into the wireframes by end of the              fifth day of the sprint.

User Validation
a copy.png
d copy.png
b copy.png
c copy.png


The next level of detailing!

-    The visual design was done using the Torque Design System of RRPS. Visual design including colour palette,          interaction as well as icon styling was defined at the components' level within the design system. 

Visual Design

When encountering any issue, users are empowered to fix it by themselves through Quick fixes. If the issue is complex, users can report the issue by themselves through Create a Ticket section easily.

A glance of user's open tickets as soon as they reach the home screen and a quick link to the Tickets section

Quick support for the common issues before contacting the IT team

Users can see the history of all the open and closed tickets in the tickets section of the IT Concierge

Home page full.png
contact 1.png
Ticket 1.png
Ticket 2.png

A Search to take the users to their destination quickly. Current issues relevant for the user are presented as Quick links.

Never miss any IT announcement

Multiple channels for the user to reach out to the IT team.

The status of the ticket can be easily tracked  in ITC

From the IT store users can request hardware, software as well as permissions.

Smart features like auto-categories generated from keywords provided by the user help in faster ticket routing.


Users can order multiple software/hardware in a single request. 

IT Store.png
Create ticket.png


Defining design across varied screen sizes

-    IT Concierge is made accessible from any company device possible such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop          in any situation. 

Cover 2 copy.jpg

Thank you for your time.

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